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The end of abundance

A lack of available space and resources are driving a sustained rise in property and energy prices, which in turn are decreasing disposable consumer income.

This makes it ever harder to own property or run a profitable housing or hotel business.

Value hiding in plain sight


 There’s one area however, where a lot of money is still being wasted, so obvious that we don’t even notice it anymore:

Think about all the air that’s floating above and below our beds, sofas, seats and desks – which makes up for at least half the volume of a home.

That’s half a home you hardly ever use, but need to work for -during decades- to pay its share of the mortgage!

Given the growing affordability crisis, this no longer makes sense.

Functional Density, Not Spatial Compression


“With rapid urbanization and dwindling resources, we have to use existing infrastructure more efficiently, make better use of the resources we have – more specifically the space we have- and make what we build work harder for us.” 

David Sim,  Soft City

+ The pod

Similar to a Swiss pocket knife, our patented furniture pods are designed as the most compact, multi-functional and integrated space-saving solution in the world, containing all the essential  furniture needed throughout a typical day, but on a footprint hardly larger than a queen-sized bed. The pod’s base and its modular construction allow to house a variety of furniture configurations to reflect a wide range of needs.


+ The seed

Our pod’s design is built on decades worth of experience in designing boat and aircraft cabins. Our research and know-how on space-saving furniture has laid the foundation for what is the most powerful solution for building affordable homes, both for the residential and the hospitality markets.

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Make it count

Each of our pods can save you hundred-thousands of euros in developed and densely populated regions, where the price of real estate often sits above 6.000€/m².

That’s a lot of money you could use more wisely instead of it being locked up in air standing idle…

The Product

More than a conventional space-saving furniture piece, this small powerhouse is like no other.







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