Vacationing as a young family can be challenging in a popular location and time of year if you want to keep your budget in check. And how do you manage different sleeping schedules between adults and young children if two separate hotel rooms are out of budget and you end up having all the beds in a single room?

The new Family Room

Affordability & Privacy

The ORLANDO Holopod upgrades a 19m² standard hotel room to twice its sleeping capacity, with two separate bedrooms, a salon and dining table.

The room inside the pod is conceived just like a yacht cabin: two full-size twin beds and plenty of wardrobe space flank a central platform from which they can be easily accessed.

In the main bedroom clothes can be stored inside a pull-out wardrobe beside the bed.

A large drawer giving out to the corridor contains a small fridge, water boiler and espresso machine.

A hidden door provides full privacy for the main bedroom and acts as an additional sound barrier to the cabin.


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