Young urban professionals place high importance on flexibility while taking those first steps of independence. At a moment in life where circumstances concerning work and relationships are changing more than they ever will, it’s practical to have a home interior that can keep up, not only with successive daily routines but also with how your life in general is structured.

Adaptive cabin interior

How to choose that first home when you could be going from single to couple to parents in a matter of years and renting or buying oversized is not an option? Just keep upgrading and moving in a scarce real estate market?

The TOKYO is your solution. Its cabin can be transformed on-the-spot from a spacious office to a children’s bedroom. Even a second berth can be fitted in case guests are sleeping over.

Making it all happen in rooms as small as 18m².

Cabin Versions


    • for rooms wider than 3.6m.
    • outer wardrobe integrated into the Holopod
    • independent kitchen beside the Holopod


    • for rooms narrower than 3.6m.
    • kitchen integrated into the Holopod
    • independent wardrobe beside the Holopod



This TOKYO Holopod upgrades a 26m² room to a fully equipped and independent 2BR apartment for single mom Cristina and her 1 year old baby boy Virgil.

The TANSU Cabin offers Virgil a private room for his intermittent naps while his mom can go about her day in the surrounding apartment.

When Cristina’s parents are over for some of the weekends, the TANSU Cabin is quickly transformed to a twin berth, where she and her baby boy sleep while the guests temporarily take possession of the main bed.

A hidden door provides full privacy for the main bedroom and acts as an additional sound barrier to the cabin.


The room being 3.6m wide, the TANSU version was chosen for the cabin, as there’s sufficient space to fit a separate, kitchen beside the pod.

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